List of 50 Best Startups in Nepal

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Startups in Nepal

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Startups are companies that are only getting started. Startup entrepreneurs do not immediately launch their businesses; instead, they wait for outside investment to provide them with ongoing funding. These businesses have large startup expenses and modest revenue. Savings and financial support from family and friends frequently serve as the initial sources of funding for enterprises. There is no set need for the formation of startups, nor is it necessary for it to be started by a single person.

The youthful generation’s perspective has shifted as a result of Nepal’s dependence on foreign nations for nearly everything. As a result, we are seeing an increase in the number of startups in Nepal. Accordingly, I’ve listed some of all Startups in Nepal below for you.

Yatri Motorcycles – Best Startups in Nepal

startups in nepal
Yatri Motorcycle Nepal

Ashim Pandey created the Nepali motorbike manufacturer Yatri Motorcycles in 2017. Yatri Motorcycles is a Nepal-based business that has developed a creation in the country’s auto industry. Yatri offers customers the choice to transition to an electric form of transportation, providing fierce rivalry to all other motorbike manufacturers. a style of life that values protecting the environment and takes action to address one of the biggest issues, urban air pollution.

They had started their two-year-long research project. They traveled around Nepal at this time to research and learn more about the cars and road conditions, which helped them gain a better knowledge.

Yatri Motorcycle recently released two products in the Nepali market: the P-0 and P-1 electric motorcycles.

  • Established: 2017
  • Business Model: E-Bike Manufacturer
  • Founder: Ashim Pandey
  • Funded Status: Bootstrapped
  • Website: Visit

Hatti Hatti Nepal

startups in nepal

Hatti Hatti is a non-profit organization with based in Kathmandu, Nepal, that works to empower women from underrepresented groups.

The women are given the chance to develop their skills as tailors, as entrepreneurs, and as independent people through education and hands-on training. The creation of HattiHatti items gives the ladies access to a stable source of income as well.

That’s not all, it also offers fundamental non-formal education and training (tailoring and business management) to the women from underprivileged communities so that they can become more independent on the job and in their communities.

  • Established: 2104
  • Business Model: Sustainable Fashion
  • Founders: Priya Sigdel, Bhushan Pyakurel, Abita Karki, Sulav Baral, Bijesh Ranjit, Dharma Raj Giri, and Rumi Rajbhandari
  • Funded Status: Bootstrapped
  • Website: Visit

The Local Project Nepal

startups in nepal

The purpose of the local Project Nepal is to provide a platform for local Nepali products and to support local businesses that can provide their owners with a stable income.

It now has two locations: one inside the Evoke Cafe Premises in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, and the other inside Le Sherpa Restaurant in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu. It offers a large selection of items created in Nepal, including soaps, bag packs, accessories, stationery, and famine care products. They also provide home delivery option.

Some of the most well-known Startups in Nepal brands are on show at The Local Project (like Mheecha, Yatri Supply, MetalWood, Allare, etc).

To accommodate more Nepali labels, The Local Project plans to open a few outlets throughout the Valley. They’ve also begun creating product prototypes of their own, and they intend to start a label soon. The Local Project eventually aspires to become the one-stop shop for Nepal’s top artists and handcraft makers.

Locally-made products deserve more attention

  • Established: 2017
  • Business Model: B2C Made In Nepal Products
  • Founders: Binam Shakya, Sachin Shrestha
  • Funded Status: Bootstrapped
  • Website: Visit

Mad Honey

startups in nepal

Mad Honey is startups in Nepal founded by Sanjay Kafle, a travel enthusiast and blogger, found mad honey in 2019 while researching a story about bee hunters.

Mad Honey provide Apislaboriorsa’s Apis honey, which is painstakingly harvested by Nepalese Gurung tribesmen, in its purest form, without any additives or water dilution, high in the Himalayas (The largest Honeybee in the world). They are the only business with significant experience to offer shipment of Himalayan honey internationally.

Mad Honey offers honey tours and expeditions where interested individuals can embark on honey-hunting, trekking, and camping trips in addition to local delivery and global exports. Kafle explains: “Hunting places are now partially established as tourist places, a vertical source of income for the locality to maintain a livelihood.”

  • Established: 2019
  • Business Model:
  • Founders: Sanjay Kafle
  • Funded Status:
  • Website: Visit

Portal Bikes

startups in nepal

Caleb Spear an American National founded also an avid mountain biker, was founded Portal Bike in 2013 with the vision to transform the society. With that vision Celeb and Emily flew to Nepal and they met up with Dustin Alarid, Tenjing Gurung, and the other staff of Portal.

The goal of social enterprise Portal Bikes is to create the most innovative and adaptable bicycle in the world that will be able to change people’s lives and strengthen the company.

Caleb founded it with the intention of establishing bicycle freedom for all. Along with the USA, it also has a location in Jawalkhe, Lalitpur, Nepal.

Most of the time, Portal has been able to survive off the money it received from selling Caleb’s US-based company. Donations have supplemented this. They hope to become a fully self-sustaining business soon.

  • Established: 2013
  • Business Model: Bicycle Manufacturer
  • Founders: Caleb Spear
  • Funded Status: Bootstrapped
  • Website: Visit

Doko Recyclers

startups in nepal

A social company called Doko Recyclers organizes and recycles dry waste. It was established in 2017 by Kushal Harjani (CEO), Raghavendra Mahato, and Runit Suria with the goal of fostering a developing green economy that prioritizes social and environmental welfare via the preservation of natural resources and the encouragement of local innovation.

Doko’s goal is to standardize good waste management practices and put them into practice nationwide so that 90% of the garbage we produce is recycled rather than ending up in landfills.

It offers a variety of services, including shredding, composting, managing e-waste, workshops on waste management, and the tatwa sustainability store.

Established: 2017

Business Model: Waste Management Services

Founders: Kushal Harjani, Raghavendra Mahato, and Runit Suria

Funded Status: Bootstrapped

Website: Visit

Fit Box

startups in nepal

Fit Box is a meal delivery service that appears to be comparable to other food delivery businesses in that it delivers food to your doorstep. However, it has set itself apart by enabling the user to customize their diet and pick the meal plan that works best for them. It will bring freshly prepared meals in a microwave-safe box to your door at the time of your choosing.

Fit Box has been offering five different lunch meals — low calorie, high calorie, keto meal, basic meal and deluxe meal.

Orders from ‘Fit Box’ are subscription-based with a minimum subscription for 15 days. The menu changes on a daily basis with 30 different items. For instance, a low calorie meal consists of brown rice two days a week, pasta once a week, fish once a week and chicken once a week.

Additionally, the business pauses delivery of a meal in case a client is ill or on the road. The firm costs a one-time membership fee of Rs1,000, and the meals come with no delivery afterwards.

The business also has plans to start selling full-day diet meals in the near future.

  • Established: 2018
  • Business Model: Subscription-based Healthy Meal
  • Founders: Denim Shrestha
  • Funded Status: Bootstrapped
  • Website: Visit


startups in nepal

Foodmandu, which was established in November 2010, is the first business in Nepal to offer doorstep delivery of meals from more than 300+ different eateries in Kathmandu.

Foodmandu raised series B funding from Team Ventures, a local private investment fund, in exchange for a 20% stake in the startup. Details of the transactions were not disclosed.

It first faced difficulty since it had to link businesses, consumers, and riders because internet food delivery was a novel idea. The education effort for eateries and consumers took two years since restaurants were initially reticent.

As of now, from Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur (Kathmandu Valley), Foodmandu plans to expand its reach to other cities across Nepal’s seven provinces.

  • Established: 2010
  • Business Model: Online Food Delivery
  • Founders: Manohar Adhikari
  • Funded Status: Funded
  • Website: Visit


startups in nepal

It is a managed, Cloud-based data extraction and web crawling service to extract data from email, documents, and other sources. The data extraction criteria can be marked and tagged graphically on the screen or described in detail in text using this user-friendly method. A CSV or XML file of the extracted data is available. Additionally, the information may be automatically delivered to databases, FTP, DropBox, and Email. It is also possible to schedule data extraction, in which case the user specifies the desired extraction frequency and Grepsr’s automated system does the rest. There are no restrictions on the amount of data that may be extracted, and the fee is flat.

Grepsr has focused on the worldwide market since its start. “We had our first local customer this year after serving in more than 40 countries for five years,” said Amit Chaudhary, one of the co-founders.

  • Established: 2012
  • Business Model: Web Data Extraction Solution
  • Founders: Amit Chaudhary and Subrat Basnet.
  • Funded Status: Bootstrapped
  • Website: Visit


startups in nepal

One of the earliest online real estate marketplace classifieds in Nepal is called Basobass. In essence, it serves as a platform to link buyers and sellers of real estate. Since its establishment in 2016, the organization has listed more than 4000 properties, including homes, land, apartments, and businesses.

Basobass wants to establish a credible and expert real estate sector in Nepal. Additionally, being a tech-based business, they want to make the process of purchasing, renting, or selling real estate simpler.

  • Established: 2016
  • Business Model: Real Estate Marketplace
  • Founders: Binit Sharma
  • Funded Status: Bootstrapped
  • Website: Visit


startups in nepal

Sixit Bhatta established Tootle in 2017, and since then, the company has been dedicated to giving people convenient and secure ways to commute. This is a ride-sharing website that links bikes and individuals who want to travel throughout the Kathmandu valley. The first business to start ride sharing in Nepal is Tootle.

Tootle has been crowned most promising startups in Nepal by Seedstars World, a global firm involved in promoting startups in emerging markets.

  • Established: 2016
  • Business Model: Ride Sharing Platform
  • Founders: Sixit Bhatta
  • Funded Status: Funded
  • Website: Visit


startups in nepal

Foodmario is a distinctive platform that links home chefs with consumers and sends the dishes the cooks make. Home business owners may advertise their nutritious, home-cooked meals on Foodmario’s web platform, improve their recipes in response to customer comments, and expand their market.

Foodmario has rapidly risen to enormous levels of support and popularity.

The Foodmario team wants to ensure that they provide thousands of home chefs a chance. To connect people through food is the company’s primary mission, and they want to keep working hard to fulfill this promise.

  • Established: 2017
  • Business Model: Online Food Delivery
  • Founders: Rohit Tiwari
  • Funded Status: N/A
  • Website: Visit

Veda App

startups in nepal

Veda App is a leading Edutech product and an innovative educational platform. Additionally, it is a premier platform that is advancing education across the nation.

One of the industries in Nepal that uses technology the least is education. These young people are really eager to make a difference, which is why they developed the Veda App.

Veda App is used by around 700 schools in Nepal to run their daily operations and deliver online lessons.

  • Established: 2015
  • Business Model: Information Technology, EdTech
  • Founders: Nirdesh Dwa, Sanjan Piya, Sujit Pathak
  • Funded Status: N/A
  • Website: Visit


startups in nepal

Since it began operating in 2017, it has developed into a cutting-edge fintech firm. In addition to acting as a digital wallet, it has been promoting financial and digital literacy among the populace and advancing the digital economy.

After five years, Khalti has grown from a startup to a significant business. Since its founding, the business has expanded to include more than 230 workers, 60,000 businesses, and 2 million users who have enrolled around the nation.

Currently, millions of individuals using Khalti on a regular basis, both directly and through its extensive agent network. Users can pay for domestic flights, newspaper subscriptions, online shopping sites, phone and TV recharges, internet bills, insurance premiums, government revenues, waste management bills, and a variety of other digital payments services.

  • Established: 2017
  • Business Model: E-wallet
  • Founders: Amit Agrawal, Manish Modi, Arvind Sah and Dhruba Adhikari
  • Funded Status: Bootstrapped
  • Website: Visit

List of More Startups in Nepal

Pathao Nepal

A Bangladeshi two-wheeler ride sharing platform that now also operates in Nepal.

Khaanpin Night Food Delivery

Food delivery service.

Work Around

Co-working space.

The Platform Inc

Co-working space.


Coworking space embedded in a hostel. Near Thamel.

Karma Coffee Nepal

Boutique café selling coffee beans and handicrafts items made in Nepal.

One Tree Stop

Store that has 13 different local Nepali brands, esp. clothing and handicrafts and artsy things.

Gorkha Aesthetics

Fitness / lifestyle clothing brand developed and made in Nepal.

The Himalayan Rabbit Farm

The first commercial rabbit farm in Nepal, established in 2012.

Shiwakoti Bags

A long-established bag manufacturer “made in Nepal”.


 Computer graphics software for customized and made-to-order rugs.

Cora Nepal

A very nice small guesthouse. Very very nice.

Urban Girl

A very nice small guesthouse. Very very nice.

Dogsee Chew

They produce and export long-lasting dog treats. It’s essentially traditional Nepali chhurpi cheese made from yak or cow milk.


a co-working space.

Mero Office

A co-working space.


A digital marketing company, providing design, media production, website development and web marketing services.

e-Zone International

 A software company providing software for managing organizations in the context of Nepal: accounting, attendance, human resource management, school management and more.

Arcube Games & Animation

Service provider for 3D modeling and animation, game development and virtual reality applications. They can also do 3D CAD.


Software development company providing website and web development and mobile app development.

Bihani Social Venture

A social enterprise providing medical and social services for seniors.

Young Innovations

Established and relatively large software development company that can provide all kinds of custom software solutions. Focuses on projects for government transparency and accountability.

Kathmandu Living Labs

Non-profit civic technology company working mostly with mobile technology and geodata. They coordinate the OpenStreetMap initiatives in Nepal, and had a great website for incident mapping and crisis response after the 2015 earthquake.

Chimes Restaurant

A kind of gourmet restaurant in Sanepa, Lalitpur.


mother-daughter company producing traditional Nepali pickles.


Thamel based multi-business space that includes the Karma Coffee boutique café (see above) and a travel tour operator. Located in Thamel.

Maya Ko Chino

A collectively operated store for handicrafts in Jhamsikhel, Kathmandu.


Nepal-made online marketplace.

Himalayan French Cheese

Two French cheesemakers and several Nepalis make French cheese in Nepal since years here. Includes Yak cheese.

Naagiko Honey

Honey from a group of farmers in Makwanpur. They have a retail outlet in Kathmandu at Café.


A fabric upcycling company, creating laptop bags, accessories and more.


Drone services like mapping, 3D mapping and aerial photography / videography.

CNC Craft

Produces custom-made CNC furniture, doors, patterns etc. in wood. Quite artsy.

Wash Nepal

Car / motorcycle wash and repair shop.


 Laundry service with online ordering, pickup and delivery.


Anthropose introduced line-up of eyewear as a means to solve the deep rooted problem of cataracts and high drop-out rate among students attending public schools in Nepal.

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